Am I A Polytheist?

Just because we don't sing to it doesn't mean it isn't our god. It was never an issue for me to not worship Baal. I never had an inclination to worship Zeus, Poseidon or Aphrodite. Those gods were foreign, mythical and fantastical. Polytheism just didn't make sense. Why worship a different god for each area of life? A god for the ocean, a god for the sky, a god for rain and a god for beauty was all too much.

What I didn't realize is that polytheism is not a middle eastern or historical concept. It's in the fabric of human depravity. Yes, I do not sing worship songs to my gods, but they are enshrined in a unibody aluminum enclosure. They are liquid crystals pressed against glass. My gods are music, movies and entertainment. Of course, I believe fully in the triune nature of the one true God, but my lifestyle insists that I allow devices, entertainment and media to command my attention.

Somehow, polytheism is not that far off. When I am in pain, I run to be numbed by the latest sitcom. When I am bored, I choose to be occupied by my devices. When I am lonely, I turn to entertainment for comfort. In much the same way that our ancestors would worship Poseidon before launching into an ocean voyage, I pay tribute to my weakness by honoring the things I hold in high regard. I don't sing songs or bow down before these things, but I allow them to take me away from the realities of my own pain, sin and temptations.

The parallel is poignant for me to let sink in. Instead of being comforted by the Comforter, instead of being cared for by the Creator, instead of being loved by love itself, I keep choosing the world's offerings to do the trick. It's a well that continually runs dry and a drink that never satisfies.